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Friday, May 1, 2009

Enlightened Ekta!

The Enlightened One...

Remember Kyunki..., Kahaani..., Kasauti, Kasamh Se???
Yup, these are the toppers of Ekta Kapoor's bevy of serials. Thankfully, a god sent wave of reality shows, new and adventurous channels(NDTV Imagine, Colors etc) blew away these soaps from their pedestal.

And thus we finally got rid of the perpetual saas-bahu jhagde, love polygons, ghostly vamps, multiple marriages, and excessively good main leads, the features of any Ekta Kapoor Show.

But yahaan hamne chain ki saas bhari hi thi ki Ekta launched another fierce attack on us and this time through another channel-
NDTV Imagine!!!

Kitani Mohabbat Hai started airing and has since been slowly rising on the TRP ladder.

But hey, what a very very pleasant surprise!
For the first time in my life I saw a serial that had a female character, who had things other to do than always sharmana, khana banana, and apne pati ko pujna!!!
Aarohi, the protagonist, is a perfect blend of smartness, values , mischief and of course the unavoidable middle-classiyat!! This serial also boasts of a male character so normal that he actually felt cold when he , like a "perfect gentleman" ,offered his coat to his shivering girlfriend!! Otherwise, generally men(read Armaan and Samrat) are shown so strong, great, infallible that they seem bhagvan ke avatars!!!
Arjun, however is damn cute and very realistic!

Now think, if Ekta was her own self, toh aajkal ke episodes mein Aarohi would keep crying perpetually and in the end would have taken the entire blame on herself and apologised(ughhhhhh!!)

But nopes, Aarohi is as quick in answering tartly as is Arjun in thinking up ways to insult her.
Whats more,Arjun actually cried( and very great acting that was, for sure!), and is so practical that he is not leaving any stone unturned to make Aarohi pay back for her "mistake", like anybody would, under the circums.

Obviously, traces of the frustrating K-serials are still visible in this soap,but nobody can deny that it is FAR better.

So it seems her failures have finally enlightened Ekta and she has gotten the good sense to realize that "traditional" is not always "best".
Kitani Mohabbat Hai rocks, and I'm sure thats so for all of us here!!!

Let's hope Ekta continues and further betters her good work, and gives us even more amazing serials!!!

Bubye..........and Keep Visiting!