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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Predictions- Part 1

Kitani Mohabbat Hai- Well, almost everybody can make out what's gonna happen,right?Most probably Aarohi will struggle a lot when in Mumbai....then Arjun, TV's new Majnu, will contact Karan(Hiten Tejwani) and ask him to give her a break....Karan will do so only if Arjun gets arrested for some crime that he(Karan) has committed.....Aarohi will become a popular star and Arjun will get arrested(yeah, thats the latest promo)......keeping in mind that this is an Ekta Soap, obviously Karan will fall in love with Aarohi....
Ekta Kapoor's infamous tendency to shamelessly copy hit films and put them on small screens has led me to think all this is will happen....hope Ekta has bought the copyrights of Veer-Zaara!!

Jyoti- Confusion! Jyoti is one serial that goes the realistic way, with unpredictable twists and turns......all I know for sure is that Jyoti's going to marry Sachin.....and yes, Sachin has some mystery to him as well....his real name is Pankaj.....and does anybody know if Sachin is really blind???

MJHT- Love Is In The Air, by god!!! Obviously we shall get to enjoy more cute Mayank-Nupur scenes.....Sheena has already sensed something special between perhaps Samrat will ultimately realize that he is in love with Gunjan.....meanwhile Dia and RV track is frustrating me like hell.....I wish they simply show Dia and RV falling in love with each other rather than showing all the wrong things about the poor guy...

DMG- This serial never really had a always there will be the usual romantic scenes...maybe Nikki will understand she has the hots for Abhimanyu.....Armaan will definitely get into more trouble because of Babli...

And hey, you guyz may post your own predictions in the comments section......bubye and Keep Visiting!!!