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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eizaj Khan(Bhaskar)

Why did you select Bhaskar Bharti as your comeback vehicle on television?
Don’t put it like that! I feel as if I have come back from retirement. I was waiting for my film Meerabai Not Out to be released. I was also busy finishing the three films which were on floor. Coming back to television is a conscious and well thought out decision. The concept of Bhaskar Bharati is interesting and exciting and no one has tried it on Indian television till date.

Tell us something about your character Bhaskar…
I play the role of Bhaskar, a famous Casanova who changes his girlfriends more often than his dress. The funniest part is that Bhaskar is not guilty about it, since he is very clear that he is not in a relation and coming close to a girl just for fun. Bhaskar is the Chief Editor of a fashion magazine and wants to climb up the career leader and be the all-in-all of that fashion magazine.

In this show, your character turns into a woman one fine morning. So, are you playing a cameo role in the show? What is the actual happening?
(smiles) I cannot divulge that to you, but I can say this much that he earned the wrath of a lot of girls and had to pay the price by turning into a girl. Bhaskar was cursed by almost every girl he met. What happens to me, I cannot say. As an actor, I am bound by contract.

Let’s take an hypothetical example. If you actually turned in to a girl, how will you feel? And if you become a common man and one among millions, how will you feel?
I don’t even want to think about an eventuality like that. I am happy to be a man!
The other question is easy to answer. I have been a normal person till 22 years of my age. I am a celebrity today, just because of my work. So I know how it feels and am a fully grounded person.

How were you in school and college life? Any resemblance with Bhaskar?
Till my tenth standard, I was very shy. Once I realised that I am quite handsome and girls are impressed with my looks, I started talking to them and making friends! Watch the show to know more!

What are the qualities you would like in a girl?
I don’t value external beauty too much. For me, it is very important to be able to carry on a conversation with the girl.

Now the obvious question.Is marriage with Anita on the cards?
We do discuss these things amongst the two of us. But I am not comfortable discussing this with the media.

You took a break from active films or serials. How did you spend your time?
I spent a lot of time travelling across the world. I went to the United States, New Zealand and Canada on pleasure trips and had a great time. I am back now all refreshed! And honestly I missed my daily schedules.