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Monday, March 22, 2010

Thinking Of Banging Back- Shilpa Anand

It's truly the season of comebacks in Dill Mill Gayye. And it's also the time to learn that Democracy rules- be it the country's politics or the television industry.

The poor creatives had hardly breathed a sigh of relief and begun working on the new interns, that fanatic Armaan-Riddhima fans began flooding them with petitions, phone calls and messages. The pressure was too much to resist, specially in the view of the dying TRPs, and lo and behold! In comes Jennifer Winget as the heartbroken Riddhima and then the ever-so-charming KSG as Armaan.

The story goes like this: Jennifer's contract is believed to be ending in April, and there are rumours to the effect she does not want to shoot with KSG in view of their former relationship. So the DMG creatives are doing what they do the best and most of the time: looking for YET another Riddhima! Shilpa Anand and Panchi Bora (of Kayamath fame) have been contacted.
And what's more , Shilpa seems to have agreed.

Kaun Banega....Dr. Riddhima!?

Now the twist in the tale is, Jennifer isn't leaving. Atleast, she says she's not. So does that mean Shilpa is coming in as another character? Or does it mean that Jennifer is not Riddhima at all, ad imposter so to speak?

As usual, when it comes to DMG, clarity is nonexistent,and confusion reigns supreme. Let's see what the creatives do with their rapidly going-down-in-a-pit show!
Stay tuned for more updates on the issue:-)