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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye and Happy New Year!


Almost 8 months.

Feels super-exhilarating to be back from my self imposed hibernation from Blogging. The Dashboard seems so warmly familiar, the comments tab brings back delightful memories, and I read all my posts, even the pic galleries, with a certain pleasant, satisfied nostalgia.


It’s been a very fulfilling experience. Not just the blogging, but the promoting, the other AMAZING blogs that I stumbled upon during this journey ( being my latest obsession), the feedback, the designing….I’ve loved it all.

What has changed is my perspective on the subject matter of this blog. Yeah. Television and it’s crap do not amuse me anymore. The shows that impress me aren’t popular (cases in point being, Mahi Way, JDJ) and the shows that disgust me rule the roost. So here I am, feeling nostalgic and wanting to re-start the blogging, and with nothing whatsoever television-gossip-ish to write about, which is why you’ve ended up reading a personal rant kind of stuff when you probably wanted to enjoy some chatpati khabarein.

And thus, having lost that penchant for television and the gossip, here’s heralding the official end to Telly Gossip. Muchos gracias (:-*) for the comments, the motivating feedback, for subscribing, for spreading the word, for visiting, for joining the highly boring facebook page (which had no updates at all, unlike promised), for liking, and well, even for spamming (Wannabe bloggers must note that it actually indirectly helps popularize the blog!).

Thank you so much! this blog and the visitors and the experiences have given me some unforgettable memories....:)

Of course I know the bitter truth that my post is being read only by the spammers (who manage to keep my traffic at a boast-able 120, and for which I totally love them ;)), but well, I just hope some of the old subscribers to TG might stumble upon this.

Here’s wishing all of you a really really happy new year!

Have a blast, and God Bless ! :)