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Thursday, April 16, 2009

DMG gets it's third Riddhima!

Surprise,surprise! Yeah, DMG producers give us another huge surprise through the entry of Jennifer Winget in the popular show. Jen has replaced Sukirti Kandpal(who had herself stepped in Shilpa Anand's shoes). Sukirti felt that Riddhima was not getting much to do and that the show was degrading gradually , and thus she quit.

Well, its seems DMG's TRPs are on a rapid decline. Maybe this angers all the loyal DMG fans. But here's why I feel DMGs days are numbered:
  • Firstly, Jen looks a lot older than Karan Singh Grover(she is actually 2 years elder to him). In any case, she just does not look like the younger sister of Dr.Anjali! She also has a very mature face and voice(saw her trying to act scared?).
  • DMG ki story mein ab kuch nahi raha! Armaan and Riddhima are engaged now,right? So soon they will be married and if the producers want to prolong the serial they'll show the post-marriage problems, in which nobody is interested!
  • More focus on Atul-Anjali, Rahul-Muskan and Nikita-Abhimanyu love stories which are highly boring and repetitive!
  • minimal romantic scenes. jo hai vo bhi armaan-riddhima ke saath nahi, baki jodiyon ke saath hote hai, and they just do such scenes dreadfully!
  • very tough competition from Miley Jab Hum Tum !
So DMG team, get up and get some new stuff!


Anonymous said...

i think jenny is not at all desreving 2 b ridzzzzzzzzzzzi coz she appears 2 old n 2 plain 2 b paired with hottie armaan

plz shilpa cum bck!
or d producers shud luk 4 a beter ridzi!or STOP THE SERIAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

according 2 me jennifer winget is the best ridhima she looks gud and acts well......shilpa anand was beautiful but couldn't act while sukirti acted well but looked horribe....go ahead jenny!!!

Anonymous said...

ammm...i agree wid d fact dat jennifer older....but shez bettr dan sukirti nd d most horrible lukin SHILPA she might do dmg k din ab kam hi bachey hai...

Pradeepthi Dmg said...

shilpa was the best

Anonymous said...

karan looked the best with sukirti nd shilpa. shilpa was kind of sweet, pretty yet bold (as of taking punga with arman) as ridhima.
sukeeri was kinnd of vey innocent and very sugary sweet as ridhima.
but this jenny is looking horrible with karan. yeh toh uski badi didi ya amma lagti hai.she looks very very mature. fit only for saas bahu soaps eg i liked her as ganga of sangam bt as ridhima a big big big handsdown.

so for me kasu 1
kash 2
kaj.... kaje...... kaje......
(list mein he nai hai)