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Saturday, April 4, 2009

SAB TV Interviews

Dilip Joshi

Dilip Joshi, the hilarious Jetha Laal from "Tarak Mehta Ka OOlta Chashmah" talks about his return to comedy roles and the show's termendous popularity...Read On...

After a long time we are getting to see a young Dilip Joshi...

(Laughs) Yeah that’s true but it’s also been long since I’ve been associated with a comedy show – one which is very much of my liking. It is not loud but very subtle and it offers you plenty of room for improvisation.

Is Taarak Mehta.. not just a return to comedy but also a return to playing leading roles?
Yeah, you can say that. After a long time, I’m playing a pivotal role in a show.

If you talk of humour on television, it’s only the stand-up shows which are successful. Comedy serials have been on the decline. Comment.
Yes, stand-up shows have become more popular. There was a void which was then filled by Laughter Challenge. As always with television, if one particular concept works then it becomes a trend. Thereafter, every channel had a stand-up comedy show. Similarly, there has been a dearth of comedy serials but I believe Taarak Mehta.. will fill this void.

SAB claims to be a comedy channel but their shows have all bombed. Were you apprehensive in doing a show with them?Apparently, the producer Asit Modi had thought of this concept 7-8 years ago. He approached all the channels but none of them believed in him. Finally, they approached SAB and they showed faith in the concept.

How is it to work with Shailesh Lodha? And does he fit the bill as Taarak Mehta?
Casting him as Taraak Mehta is a very smart movie. Taarak Mehta is a legendary name in Gujarati circles but television caters to people all over India and especially the Hindi heartland who may be unaware of Taarak. Thus as a Hindi poet, Shailesh is the best person to spread the message of Taarak Mehta.