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Saturday, May 2, 2009

JYOTI - negativity at its zenith.....

Though the serial talks of “jyoti”, i.e., light-a symbol of positivism but it is full of negative and unscrupulous shades.
How can there be so many negative characters in a person’s family???? Topping the list is jyoti’s mother who is portrayed as a selfish and materialistic woman
……but her character is just unfathomable…..she is interested in the progress and welfare of all her children except jyoti, who is the earning member of the family. She is shown to ruin all proposals for marriage coming for jyoti just because she earns for the family…and is now very eager to get his son married (Sandeep who’s younger than Jyoti)……this logic fails to sink into our comprehension. How can a mother’s character be shown so corrupted and full of greed???

But her mother was not enough that her smallest sibling, sister Sushma recently was shown to marry Jyoti’s boyfriend after losing her virginity , and that too when she hadn’t even completed her school education , in other words, she had not yet reached the marriageable age (of course it needed some blind washing by Brij, Jyoti’s beau).

And then the recent blow, the revelation of Jyoti’s brother Deepu being shown to have given no entrance exam and had been wasting all the money for his education in a reckless manner and thus ruining his future.

And perhaps the only positive character in the serial, Jyoti’s sister Sudha was not spared either .Though she is loyal to Jyoti and is an ideal sister in all ways but she has a gray side as well, as she suffers from a split personality disorder which no one knows about.

We don’t understand what had the script writer in mind while writing the script. it sometimes appears more like a horror show… does he expect the viewers to like a serial so full of hate, malice , greed , …..the list is long.!!!!

Anyways the only comforting facet is Jyoti’s character….. played by Sneha Wagh who plays her character to perfection. She sacrifices her aspirations and dreams and leaves no stone unturned in securing the safety and security of her family. She reflects Indian beauty and her never-tiring efforts in ensuring the welfare of her family members and her selfless dedication to her family touches our hearts. Also Sudha, Jyoyi’s sister does an awesome job in playing the two sides of her character (as she suffers from split personality disorder). Also the recent entry of Sachin, the blind teacher played by Sarvar Ahuja has brought a little interest in the plot (don’t worry….he doesn’t have any negative side, I mean, not YET). He will play Jyoti’s new love and maybe that will increase the show’s TRP……


Soma said...

I think some kind of exaggeration is there in all stories and drama's but even than this serial is better. You never know when a person's sincere efforts are taken for granted even in the life. All the actors have justified their characters be it Shusma, Brij, Deepu, Daadi or father of Jyoti. There are lots of positive sides, Kalpana and her mother, Sishumangal's head/Jyoti's boss, Daadi a good blend of positive and negative threads. The story narration, dialogs and treatment of characters is very fresh. Though few things are more dramatic but thats what we call drama. Still much better than Balika Vadhu and regular saas-bahu stuff.

Dunbar - mom group said...

Come on ?
This serial has less negative than most of other serials with people plotting for no reason than for enjoyment.

Here, you have a brother who can free ride on her sisiter's money - has had no reality check since his 12th standard - A 12th standard pass is really a kid who is too young to understand the responsibilites of a family. But, he does realize the mistakes he has made once he realizes there is no free money and he is not worth much - can't even survive on his own.

Her Mother: Why would she get her daughter married when she is supporting the whole family. The family would be on streets. There would be no food on the table without her and she has 3 more kids to feed. There are thousands of mothers in the developing world who have been known to sell off one child to feed the rest of the family (check any statistics for Africa and even for India) - it's difficult for a well off family to understand.

Grand- Mother is just old fashioned who realises that girls have to be taught right for them to make good wives. I know enough old ladies like that.

Sister - Sushma - it's jealousy on the part of a woman for another woman who has the hearts for her husband. She is blinded by love (fake but still love)

Father - knows what is right and what is wrong and trusts his children completely. How come you didn't mention him at all. I guess you just wanted to see the negativity.

Friend, Friend's mother, .... enough good people around.

There was a movie on a similar theme - Rekha, Raj babbar (had the same characters) this serial is now diverting from that movie but started of exactly like that.

You haven't understood any of the characters in depth. As soma explained - the serial has done a very good job to explain the reasons behind their actions.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

sonakshi said...

"Anonymous said...
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!"

Hello! Thanks a lot for your compliment....this feels great!!!
Bubye and Keep Visiting:-)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it